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The First Church of the Alpaca Lips

To Dementia and Beyond!

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The First Church of the Alpaca Lips was created to be a haven for those who believe the END is right around the corner and for fans of alpaca and other camelids.

Saint Hudson of the Alpaca Lips
"Game over, man! Game over!"


Alpaca Liptic Prophecies

  • corwinok: Humanity will be wiped off the planet with the Terrifying Squeegee of God.

  • velvetsteel: As the thin blade of the squeegee reigns its terrible cleaning sashays hither and to, there will come a great cry in the night. "YEAH BABY..YEAAAAH."

  • piperdawn: If you ever see a llama kiss a llama on the llama you should probably duck.

  • deyaniera: The smoking of the Great Bong of Chivalry.

  • stacye13: I will rule the world!

  • deuceloosely: When no one likes the candidates their declared political parties have chosen for the presidential election, a unanimous vote will usher in a toaster oven as commander in chief.

  • shrijani: Pablo Cruise will start a reunion tour 40 days before the Alpaca Lips. Also, rattan furniture will make a comeback.

  • sapphirescarlet: Behold, they shalt walk with split-hooves, and yet shall not be spat upon. They shall squeegie, and yet shall no bug be squished. Behold and all things shalt live in the groovy peace an' harmony of cannabis.

  • purple_leatherc: The Alpaca Lips won't happen all at once. It'll be a slow process, one that has already begun

  • falkenna: One-l lama, he's a priest; two-l llama, he's a beast; and I will bet a silk pajama, there isn't any 3-l lllama. Until the time of the Alpaca Lips, when Lo, crawling towards Bethlehem to be born will be the 3-l lllama.

  • Shrine Maiden msmoon: And in my dream I looked unto the East, and lo! There descended the golden Alpaca whose eyes were as the stars and coat flowed liken to sunlight. And his bronzen clove hooves set upon the holy Mount of Olives, and the world did look unto him. And from his lips came the dawn of the next age, though through none of the tongues of men. And so the sons of Adam and daughters of Eve took up their weapons and slew one another. For it is not by the hand of God, nor by the wrath of nature that the age of men shall close, but by their own hand shall come the doom of men. And the Alpaca grazed, and it was good.

  • reptile713: The good prophet of the Alpaca Lips is the Dolly Llama.

  • flameprincess: It is said: Behold the day that the hairy ones dance upon the insides of the message box. Then thus we shalt know truly the coming.

If you have a prophecy for the Alpaca Lips, please write the church's secretary at tinhuviel@livejournal.com and use "Alpaca Lips Prophecy" in your subject line. Also, please include your LJ user name so we can credit you. We will happily include your prophecy forthwith. May the Lips kiss and bless you!